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School districts that recognize that should continue doing the right thing; for the rest, we'll see them in court." — James Esseks, LGBT project director for the American Civil Liberties Union"No longer will federal officials distort federal law that is meant to equalize educational opportunities for women, and no longer will they force local officials to intermingle boys and girls within private areas like locker rooms, showers, hotel rooms on school trips, and restrooms" — Gary Mc Caleb, senior counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom"We all know that Donald Trump is a bully, but his attack on transgender children today is a new low. Tiven, chief executive officer, Lambda Legal"We stand with transgender students and their families in strong resistance to bullying, even when it comes from the White House.

When entering the toilet, one should not have in one's hand anything on which the name of Allahu ta'ala or any verse of the Qur'an al-karim is written.

Meanwhile, their boyfriends entered the comfort zone around week three.

So yeah — when it comes to the scatological, women take much, much longer to loosen up.

Going to the toilet during your wedding is also a no, and especially during the father of the bride’s speech at a wedding.

“You’re the Jedi pooper,” my boyfriend declared roughly six months into our relationship.

My timing is roughly in line with the results of a recent poll.

Of 1,186 other women in long-term relationships, the majority said they didn’t feel relaxed enough to fart and burp in front of their significant others until the 7.5 month mark.

Comments about the Trump administration decision to rescind federal guidelines allowing transgender students to use public school bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity:"As President Trump has clearly stated, he believes policy regarding transgender bathrooms should be decided at the state level.You shouldn’t go to the toilet during a date as you don’t want them thinking about your bits in that day - you wouldn’t bring up seeing until the fifth date.Weeing just before sex is not acceptable, as it can really kill the vibe. Another rule when not to go, is while in the shower with someone else - unless it’s a fetish.Apparently there are a number of situations where nipping out for a wee is just not acceptable.Taking a toilet break during an interview suggests an inability to control yourself.

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