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In order to rectify this travesty, we've taken it upon ourselves to rank the best sex positions from a male perspective. And before you get all "but a man's favorite position is 'yes,'" take into account that we've come a long way since men were painted as horny hound dogs looking for anything they could get. The media makes a big stink about size: bigger boobs, bigger spending, upsize that combo.And sorry to say, your penis is definitely included in that “big” conversation.There is no need to mention remedies, pills, surgeries, exercises, or new forms of yoga that might give him some extra length.

Women who are more forward, using phrases like dinner, drinks or lunch in the first message get 73 per cent more replies, while men should play it cooler.

With all the talk about big dicks and “size matters,” you may start to feel embarrassed about your sexual prowess – but don’t be!

First of all, most women would rather have someone on the smaller size than risk ripping their uterus for an 11″ rocket, so if you’re worried your girlfriend is looking for Gigantor, put those fears to rest. ] The best sex positions for men with a smaller package For those on the smaller side, great sex is all about finding the right positions that are tight and secure.

Here's how to make it work in the sack when your man doesn't have much of one.

Never Mention It's Small: If a guy has a small dick, he knows he has a small dick and telling him as such is just cruel.

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While men make more money overall and hold more management positions, women are making greater gains.

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