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With trainers and a US flag baseball cap finishing off his look, the star walked side by side with Hayley, who looked as though she'd just come from a work out in her cropped blue trousers and a printed vest.David suavely responded by agreeing to having his picture taken so long as she gave him her phone number.Despite including modern material, elements of this show – Tiger Lily (Natalie Winsor) and the Native Americans in particular – see to come straight from the 1950s and could do with a rewrite.Throughout the enthusiastically performed show the cast shines most in the musical numbers – Stephanie Webber, Julie Cullen and Emma Prosser all have stand-out vocals.We’re even told that Hasselhoff himself has taken a shine to the festive Welsh capital.Baywatch legend David Hasselhoff is set to tie the knot with his Welsh girlfriend Hayley Roberts.

A collection of jokes linked to Wales are among the best received, and Doyle’s reading of a list of birthdays is highly endearing.Since then, he’s performed the role in Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham, Southend and Glasgow.This year, it’s the turn of Cardiff to get a seasonal dose of the Hoffmeister.Phil Nordell (Bounty Hunter) searches for rare virgins to sell to the highest bidder.(Of course legal 'of age' virgins are just as rare now as they are in the future) The Reverend (Nutjob in real life) (Jeff Conaway) has an unusual appetite for virgins, and wants them, but our hunter has fallen for one of the gals, and wants her for himself.

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It will be the third time up the aisle for David, having previously been married to singer Catherine Hickland (1984-89) and actress Pamela Bach (1989-2006).

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