Giant intimidating sermon

What they propose is for each side to send out their best warrior.These two warriors will meet between the opposing armies, and they will fight to the death. The burdens we carry around, and the problems we face in life are bullies who seek to intimidate and control our lives. In spite of their threats, bullies can be overcome by people who are willing to stand up for what is right.

In our second lesson, we learned that due to his rebellion, Ha Shem removed his anointing from Sha’ul and instructed Sh’mu’el to anoint a king whom Ha Shem himself would choose.

Bruce Persenaire Worship Helps Suggested song to be sung before the sermon: #559 “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus” Suggested song to be sung after the sermon: #555 “Lead On, O King Eternal DAVID AND GOLIATH Dear Brothers and Sisters of our Lord Jesus Christ, For children who get to hear the stories of the Bible this one is always a favorite. As we take a closer look at this story this morning I want to do just two things with it.

True, it gets to be a little bit gory at the end but it pits the big guy against the little guy. It is no surprise that this story would rank right up there as one of the all time favorite stories.

He saw the events of this story through the eyes of God.

When we have finished looking at the details of this story from those two different perspectives, I then want to spend just a little bit of time asking you how you see your world and what eyes you see your world through, the world’s or, through God’s eyes.

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