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John Friend has since relaunched himself with a new brand of yoga called Sridaiva Yoga.…we’ve been made aware of the varying allegations of sexual, mental and emotional abuse against Dr. [editor’s note: the allegations were made by four teacher trainees.]Upholding this tradition and approach in the field of Yoga and Therapy, the Krishnamachraya Healing and Yoga Foundation are taking these allegations very seriously.

I realise that some of the decisions that I have made in the past have not been consistent with the high standards that I usually set for myself. Amrit, married, confessed to three affairs in 1994 and was forced to resign as spiritual director of his own ashram.

Five women filed civil suits against Bikram in 2013 alleging incidents ranging from sexual assault to rape. Bikram is famous for making off-colour sexual remarks.

In February 2012 an anonymous website went up alleging John Friend was guilty of leading a Wiccan Coven, having affairs with married students and Anusara teachers, messing with his employees pension fund and mailing marijuana to himself and expecting employees to deliver it.

EDITOR: As I am not knowledgeable about whether gifts are taxable I asked my accountant friend Andrew Jeffers from Shuriken to provide general guidance on the subject. Please note that my guest article is intended to give some guidance to the question “Are Gifts Taxable?

This small book is the result of the ideas and input of many collectors.Bikram’s on the top, because he was top of mind when I started the article, and it went from there.I’ve also kept details brief so as to avoid a 4000 word behemouth of an article, and linked to relevant YLB articles underneath each name.Most of the sections have been previewed by the membership of the Texas Cartridge Collectors Association and more recently by the membership of the Intemational Ammunition Association.Thanks to the many collectors who took the time to point out errors and improvements in those pre-publications.

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