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Wang moved to Taiwan shortly after birth and did not return to the States until he was seven.He grew up in the States with his grandma, mother and younger sister Yvonne, whom is six years younger., and it’s so much win I don’t even know where to start.It’s an emotional ballad of the kind that Rainie croons rather than belts down, firm in feeling with a soft touch.

Supposedly their friendship really blossomed during filming, and since breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, Joseph has been pursuing Rainie for the past two months intensely. I think when there is smoke there is a fire, but whether these two work out remains to be scene.

She was asked, "Have you ever dated since your debut?

" and grabbed attention with her surprising question, "What kind of dating?

Apparently Joseph and Rainie looked quite close and appeared to be reluctant to part and call it a night.

Joseph revealed in an interview with last month that he’s single these days, so that confirms the rumors that his five-year relationship with his longtime girlfriend has ended.

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So the gossip about a potential Joseph and Rainie possible relationship has died down in Taiwan, only to be revived this morning by Next Magazine with the publication of a cover story that those two have been secretly dating for the last two months.

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