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If you're not quite sure what kind of phone sex you're looking for, here's a phone sex glossary that you can refer to, to help you decide: These types of phone sex sessions, which are also referred to as "orgasm denial" or "tease and denial" or "cock control" sessions, usually involve a masturbatrix, otherwise known as a , someone who guides your stroking, controls the pace of your masturbation, and teases you to the edge of orgasm over and over, someone who is skilled at the art of teasing hard cocks. Often times, those who are interested in cuckold phone sex fantasies are also responsive to small penis humiliation, however not all cuckolds want the cuckold fantasy to focus on their penis size.This fantasy can also be referred to as "cockold" or "cuckhold", and the fantasy can also be referred to as a "hot wife" fantasy.Perhaps you're just looking for a good old fashioned phone fuck. We'd recommend phone sex with may also offer keyholding services for a fee, and will be your keyholder during your chastity training.

Below you will find a list of the best cheap phone sex numbers for just about any fantasies you may have and more.I am just starting out on my new life as being submissive to my husband. Being submissive bionically doesn't mean you let someone mistreat you or run all over you.I have bickered and argued with my husband for all 8 years of our marriage. It means that you are faithful and a help meet to your husband!1- I have a delicious meal prepared for when he returns from work, especially his favorite dish. Growing up in a home where the women ruled and knowing that inside I wanted a man to take me in his hands and guide me caused quite an imbalance in our lives to the point of... I’m from a family of dominant women, therefore, I thought that I was supposed... some time ago I was placed here as punishment for not pleasing my husband, I had to display my rather curvy and large breasted body for viewing and answer all and any comments, questions or remarks no matter what. He was rather inmature and had some anger issues, and unfortunately liked to take it out on me; physically, emotionally and verbally. My boyfriend has spanked me for a while now, maybe 3 or 4 months, and its getting to the point where i have a very high pain tolerance again.I’m a 46 year old, former career girl, now stay-at-home Mom with two young children whom I adore. He's been getting upset about that and it has resulted to him being even more... We went out for dinner, which is something that we haven't done for a long time because we have two little girls and they demand a lot of time and attention so it can get difficult.

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